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Um, because it’s now officially official. I’m pregnant

And I don’t want to keep seeing my dash full of fit women, when I cannot really do much about getting fit at this time. I have not participated in my workout routine, because I had a feeling I was pregnant and I want to talk to a doctor about my exercise options instead of just assuming my plan is still ok to follow. 

My tentative due date is November 1, 2012; so after baby arrives and I am done healing, I will officially return to this blog and a semi-intense workout routine. I’ll still check in from time to time so feel free to use my ask box! I’ll be making a pregnancy blog to chronicle my pregnancy, and if you want the url just ask! 

I wish you all success on your fitness journey!!



Without aerobics, you won’t burn sufficient calories.

Without strength training, you won’t tone up and might lose muscle mass. This results in the “skinny fat” look where even though you’re small, everything jiggles.

Without flexibility, you could be prone to injury and you will not get those long, lean muscles you’re looking for. Flexibility also improves your range of motion.

EVERY area of fitness is important! Incorporate them all into your weekly workout.


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This according to my fiance’s grandmother, who was backing up one of those fad diets in magazines. Why is it perfectly healthy? “Everybody is different, so you can’t say it’s unhealthy…” - fiance’s grandma. Ok, I agree, everybody is different and will have different weight loss techniques work for them. HOWEVER, losing 9 pounds in a week by following a magazine diet, is not going to be healthy for anybody. I’m comfortable within the 1-2 pounds per week range, but 9 pounds in 7 days is unrealistic. So if 1 pound is about 3500 calories, you would have to create a 31500 calorie deficit that week correct? Wouldn’t that mean that you’re not eating like at all? Or you’re working out constantly on the highest possible intensity? I’m still pretty new at this, but creating a 31500 calorie deficit in 7 days just does not seem possible without not eating, or eating very little and working out constantly.

She also said that doctors actually know NOTHING about nutrition and weight loss, and that only nutritionists should be trusted in weight loss advice. Um, all the doctors I’ve talked to actually were really convincing that they know their stuff with nutrition. Plus, the nutritionists I’ve talked to, are usually on the same page as doctors as far as a healthy range of weight to lose in any given period of time. 

I know there is a lot more I need to learn about nutrition and weight loss, but 9 pounds in one week is certainly not healthy and her arguing that it was seriously pissed me off. She then proceeded to suggest I try it, and see if it works.

1. I’m not going to subject myself to a diet plan which I know is unhealthy. Especially since I know once I start eating correctly again, I’ll gain that whole 9 pounds and some extra.

2. I’m pregnant. Yes, I’ve lost 0.8 of a pound, but losing some weight in the first trimester is typically normal (so long as it’s not too much) and is attributed to morning sickness. 

I’m just so pissed that these magazines are becoming a replacement for legitimate medical advice. And the idea that doctors know nothing about nutrition is ridiculous! My college roommate, got bachelors degree in NUTRITION. And now guess what? She is off to medical school. TO BECOME A DOCTOR. I know that all doctors do not get undergraduate degrees in nutrition prior to medical school, but to say that they know nothing about nutrition is ridiculous. 

So dear fiance’s grandma,

Take your fad diet magazine to a nutritionist and have them PROVE how this “lose 9 pounds in 1 week” diet is “healthy” for anybody who just picks up that magazine. Good luck, because THEY CANT.  Then go talk to your doctor and ask them, and when you get back we’ll compare what the nutritionist said and what the doctor said. And while you’re in the offices, get me a fucking lollipop.

Sorry this post was so long, but I’m so pissed/upset/frustrated that people are trusting whatever these magazines say over nutritionists & doctors. In the middle of this conversation, I had to leave the room otherwise I was going to explain what I have learned to her and I wouldn’t have been nice. I am just that upset.

And just to be clear, I am only speaking about fad diets that you see plastered on the covers of magazines in grocery stores. I realize that some people are placed on restrictive diets by their doctor or nutritionist, and I am in no way bashing those diets, patients, or care providers. I trust plans created by licensed/certified/degreed doctors/nutritionists because they create plans for individual patients and are able to monitor the plan and adjust it accordingly.


Great, quick workout found on FitSugar!


Great, quick workout found on FitSugar!

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yogurt drops!

Spoon flavored yogurt into a plastic bag. Squeeze dots onto cookie sheet and place in freezer. They’ll be ready in about an hour! | Such a great healthy summertime snack.

only 70 calories per pan too!

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As promised….How to grocery shop on a budget!

The first big grocery shop that you do is going to be expensive, probably around $120 dollars. But if you cough up that money and follow these tips, you won’t have to spend over $70 after that! These are my tips and tricks when I’m at the store. Please message me if you have some, I’d love to add to this list!

Buy frozen foods: I buy all my vegetables frozen. I also keep any type of bread product frozen and thaw it out as I need it. I throw out so much food because I don’t eat it in time. If you can buy it frozen, do. You save money and food this way. Check the labels to make sure you’re getting a quality product (no added sugar, flash frozen, etc.)

Take stock: What do you have? What do you absolutely need? Why the hell is there so much chicken in my freezer? What can you live without?

Buy sale items in bulk: We all know how expensive chicken breast can get. My favorite trick is to stock up on chicken breast when it’s on sale and freeze them in individual baggies to use when I need them. It might cost a few extra dollars now, but you’ll be smirking to yourself when you see people buying chicken for twice the price you paid. The same goes for cheese, another pricey item. Pasta and tuna are also some of my favs to stock up on.

Eggs. that is all.

Eat before you shop! Seriously, who hasn’t heard this tip? If you eat after a meal, you won’t have omgineedfoodrightnowfeeeeeedmeeee, goggles on.

Have the same dinner all week: This is something that has worked wonders for me. I plan what I am going to have for dinner and make tiny changes so I can keep the extra food purchases to a minimum. For example, I buy a pack of boca burgers every week. I change up the variety and the sides. I generally plan 2 or 3 days of food and then make different combinations of that food every day until I run out. (As an added bonus, I read in cosmo once (they are all knowing don’t even try to argue with me) that people who eat the same foods tend to not overeat because they aren’t overly excited about what they’re eating.)

Plan meals that have similar ingredients: this is similar to the last one. Make sure you aren’t buying meals that have completely separate (and costly) ingredients. For example, have all italian food one week, mexican the next. I was so guilty of having completely different meals when I first started eating healthy that I was spending way more than I should every week on food.

Leftovers! Don’t just throw out your leftover dinner. Put it in a salad, a sandwich, a wrap, a soup, the possibilities are endless! My favorite is when I have tacos, and the next day I use the leftovers to make a taco salad. 

Shop Around: This is where time comes into play. I suggest taking your “bare bones” grocery list (things that you buy every week), and going to all the different grocery stores in the area and comparing prices. I’ve found that buying Special K is much less expensive at Costco than it is at Stop and Shop. Almond Milk is almost 75% less expensive at Trader Joes than Big Y. Big Y has crazy sales, Stop and Shop has good every day deals. Wal-Mart is good for those more expensive products you can’t ever find on sale.

Beans, beans beans! This is an EXCELLENT source of protein and SUPER cheap. If you have a dish, there’s a bean for that. This is a great substitute if you can’t afford meat.

Buy your foods unprepared: I will never understand the precut fruits and vegetables already assembled. If you are guilty of this, you are wasting SO MUCH MONEY! Take the time to buy things unprepared, and prepare it yourself. Don’t be lazy, know exactly what YOU are preparing. Plus, it’s usually more fresh.

Buy store brand: Yes, there are some things that you can’t find store brand, but if you can, buy it. Food companies and the grocery store get together and put the grocery store label on their food, true story. I’m not kidding. Same food, different package.

Buy in season: Asparagus in November is going to be expensive, but much less so in April and May. Cherries in February are not even worth considering, but much more affordable in Juen. Don’t buy packaged salad mixes or even bagged pre-washed lettuce. Buy the lettuce by the head. Check out farmers markets for some good deals on fresh, local produce. I sacrifice my berry eating for the most part in the winter just because prices are so ridiculous. I’ve also done the math, bagged apples and oranges tend to be less expensive than the loose variety. Plum tomatoes are also less expensive than most other varieties.

ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled for sales/coupons: I only buy most of my snack food when it is on sale. Granola bars, hummus, fiber one bars, they’re all expensive! This takes some flexibility with what you eat, but it also keeps things interesting not having the same thing every week. Look online for coupons, in magazines, make sure you have the grocery store savings card.

Start making things yourself: This can get tricky calorie wise, but if you’re up for the challenge, there are certain things you can make for almost nothing such as salsa, bread, nut butters, etc.

Don’t be gluttonous: I used to be guilty of this. If you have 2 snacks in your house, don’t buy another one. If you have eggs and cereal, you don’t need more breakfast items. Keep it simple, silly!

Go shopping on Friday night/early in the morning: Less people on a Friday night (or any night) and you can scoop up the Saturday deals before anyone else. Being an early bird also lets you snag those produce items from yesterday for almost nothing. These are usually located on a rack somewhere around the produce section. My mom and I once bought asparagus within 12 hours of each other. I paid 7 dollars, she paid 2. Mine went rotten first, true story.

Herbs/Spices: almost never have any calories, and keeps your food interesting! 

I no longer shop with a grocery list because I am pretty set in my ways and can make meals without recipes, this also leaves me flexibility with what I end up getting because I am only looking at sales. So that’s why I’m not suggesting you make a list, but if that works for you, then do!

Remember: be creative, be flexible, be smart!

Happy shopping!

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Standing ab workout

These are a great workouts if you are like me and hate getting on the floor!

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Homemade Diva: The greatest salad solution ever


I am always looking for great ideas to help me be healthier and lose weight. I love salads but really dont have enough time in the mornings to make them and salad from the night before is just not right. So, I started looking for solutions and this is what I came up with.

This idea was…

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Oh lawddddd, September 2011, December 2011, February 2012!


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I’m going to start yoga. 


I’m going to start yoga. 

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23 Ways to Eat Clean


You may think this information is obvious, but a LOT of people are still confused as to what eating clean is. Theres some stuff on this list that even I was like WHAT?!

I hope this clears up any confusion <3

1. Apples

1st Choice (Natural State): Apple

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Applesauce

Limit (Highly Processed): Apple toaster pastry

Shopping Tip: While applesauce is a healthy choice, it has fewer nutrients than a whole apple.

2. Oranges

1st Choice (Natural State): Orange

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): 100% orange juice

Limit (Highly Processed): Orange drink

Shopping Tip: Many fruit drinks contain high fructose corn syrup and little real juice.

3. Strawberries

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh strawberries

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Strawberry preserves

Limit (Highly Processed): Strawberry gelatin dessert

Shopping Tip: Gelatin desserts usually contain artificial strawberry flavor, not real fruit.

4. Peaches

1st Choice (Natural State): Peach

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned peaches in 100% juice

Limit (Highly Processed): Canned peaches in heavy syrup

Shopping Tip: Fruit canned in heavy syrup has more sugar and calories than fresh fruit.

5. Figs

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh figs

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Fig preserves

Limit (Highly Processed): Fig sandwich cookies

Shopping Tip: Packaged fruit cookies may contain refined sugar and preservatives.

6. Pineapple

1st Choice (Natural State): Pineapple

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned diced pineapple

Limit (Highly Processed): Pineapple cocktail cup

Shopping Tip: Fresh pineapple is higher in vitamins C and A and beta-carotene than canned.

7. Corn

1st Choice (Natural State): Corn on the cob

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Corn tortilla chips

Limit (Highly Processed): Cornflakes

Shopping Tip: Buy tortilla chips with just three ingredients: whole corn, oil, and salt — and eat in moderation.

8. Spinach

1st Choice (Natural State): Spinach

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Bagged prewashed spinach

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen creamed spinach

Shopping Tip: When buying frozen vegetables, avoid those packaged with sodium-rich sauces. Buy plain and add your own light sauce.

9. Garlic

1st Choice (Natural State): Garlic

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Jarred minced garlic

Limit (Highly Processed): Bottled garlic marinade

Shopping Tip: Minced fresh garlic is cheaper and more flavorful than jarred.

10. Carrots

1st Choice (Natural State): Carrots

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Baby carrots

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen honey-glazed carrots

Shopping Tip: Baby carrots are healthy but more expensive than regular-size loose carrots.

11. Soup

1st Choice (Natural State): Soup from scratch

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned soup

Limit (Highly Processed): Dehydrated soup mix

Shopping Tip: Homemade soup often has less sodium and more flavor than canned.

12. Ham

1st Choice (Natural State): Heritage ham

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli ham

Limit (Highly Processed): Packaged deli bologna

Shopping Tip: Heritage varieties of pork are much less likely to contain hormones than factory meat is.

13. Turkey

1st Choice (Natural State): Whole turkey

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli turkey

Limit (Highly Processed): Store-bought turkey meatballs

Shopping Tip: If you buy turkey and other meats at the deli counter, ask for brands free of fillers and nitrates.

14. Beef

1st Choice (Natural State): Grass-fed beef

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Grain-fed beef

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen beef patties

Shopping Tip: Grass-fed meat is higher in nutrients and lower in fat than grain-fed beef.

15. Chicken

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh chicken breasts

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli sliced chicken

Limit (Highly Processed): Chicken nuggets

Shopping Tip: Chicken nuggets contain very little real chicken.

16. Eggs

1st Choice (Natural State): Pasture-raised eggs

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Omega-3-fortified eggs

Limit (Highly Processed): Egg beaters

Shopping Tip: Pasture-raised eggs may have 35% less saturated fat, 60% more vitamin A, and 200% more omega-3s compared to omega-3-fortified eggs and egg beaters, which come from chickens kept in coops.

17. Cream

1st Choice (Natural State): Cream

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Fat-free half cream / half milk

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored dairy creamer

Shopping Tip: Flavored dairy creamers are often made with colorings, artificial flavors, and corn syrup.

18. Yogurt

1st Choice (Natural State): Plain yogurt

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Flavored yogurt

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored yogurt drink

Shopping Tip: Buy plain yogurt and flavor it at home with honey or fresh fruit.

19. Bread

1st Choice (Natural State): Whole grain bread

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Wheat bread

Limit (Highly Processed): Fortified white bread

Shopping Tip: If a whole grain isn’t the first ingredient, you’re missing out on nutrients.

20. Pasta

1st Choice (Natural State): Dried whole wheat pasta

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Dried white pasta

Limit (Highly Processed): Instant noodles

Shopping Tip: Whole grain pasta is higher in antioxidants than white or instant noodles.

21. Rice

1st Choice (Natural State): Brown rice

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): White rice

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored instant rice

Shopping Tip: Brown rice, unlike white, hasn’t had its fiber-rich layers of bran and germ removed.

22. Nuts

1st Choice (Natural State): Peanuts

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Natural peanut butter

Limit (Highly Processed): Processed peanut butter

Shopping Tip: Natural peanut butter should contain only peanuts and a dash of salt.

23. Soy

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh edamame (whole soybeans)

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Tofu

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen veggie burgers (containing soy ingredients)

Shopping Tip: Frozen veggie burgers are vegetarian-friendly but are highly processed.

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The most successful healthy & weight loss plans are ones that are easy to stick to and that help you make permanent changes. You don’t necessarily have to revolutionize your lifestyle, you just have to integrate little things that will make it healthier. Remember a pound is 3500 calories, so if you burn an extra 250 a day that’s an additional 1/2 pound a week! These are the types of changes I made and what made them so successful is I still do them! I cook my own dinners most nights, clean my dorm before bed, stretch/ do yoga when I get up in the morning, and generally walk around as much as possible. It’s small changes that make a BIG difference in the long run! :)

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Found that out tonight. I have an older brother who was born premature and was not fully developed. Even if she carried him to term, he still would not have been fully developed. Well he was alive for 2 hours, so I obviously never met him.

When she found out she was pregnant with me six months later, she started saving up for an abortion because she was so scared due to her previous pregnancy experience. My dad found her abortion stash, and said “absolutely not!” So I’m here mostly because of my dad. I don’t blame my mom, I’m not upset with her about it; but I don’t think I can ever look at her quite the same way. Just because I was close to not existing.

My mom had six pregnancies (including my older brother, me, my younger brother.) and only has two living children. Which is what scares me about my pregnancy possibilities. BUT…..

My periods only last 4 days… well, I’m officially 4 days late. So due to being late and … things that happened this month, I’m pretty convinced I’m expecting. Fiance wants me to wait another week to test though “just incase you are really late.” -.- I haven’t been feeling more stress than usual, my diet hasn’t  changed beside the fact that instead of mountain dew, I’ve been drinking sprite because I’ve been so nauseous lately and it’s the only thing that will settle my stomach. I would only be about 5 weeks this Thursday.

I’m excited but at the same time just worried about the possibility of having so many miscarriages like my mom did. Sorry for the extremely personal nature of this post. Just a lot to comprehend.